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Fourth Grade with Mrs. Novak

BS - Integrated Educational Studies / Sociology, Language & Literacy
MS - Curriculum & Instruction
What do you love about Holy Spirit School?
HSS is like a second home to me, the families, students and coworkers make HSS such a special place to work.
What are the highlights of Fourth Grade?

California History & the missions.

Field trips: Columbia and San Juan Bautista Mission.

Students will have a 5 chapter writing project, and learn multi-digit multiplication and long division.

Fun facts
I am a black belt in karate.
I initially went to college to be a painter/artist.
I was on the golf team in high school.

I attended HSS k-8th grade.

I taught English at a Catholic school in Santiago, Chile for 5 weeks.

I just got married to my high school sweetheart!