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Holy Spirit School is very fortunate to have a full-time Spanish teacher for our students in Grades 6 – 8.  In middle school, students will learn beginning language skills in listening, speaking and receive an introduction to basic skills in reading and writing in Spanish. The goal of this course is to develop communication skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing to a basic level of proficiency. Students have Spanish class three times per week.

6th grade
The sixth grade Spanish curriculum builds on the foundation made in the previous years of Spanish. The textbook provides and introductory to the language of Spanish. Students learn the alphabet, classroom phrases, colors, months, greetings and farewells, how to hold a basic conversation, how to ask and respond to questions, verbs, cognates, forming questions, expressing their likes and dislikes, nouns and definite articles, expressing their needs, school materials and supplies, making nouns plural, and indefinite articles.

7th grade
The seventh grade Spanish curriculum builds on the foundations from the previous years. Students learn how to tell their class schedule and sequence of events, telling time, school subjects, telling what time something happened, talking about being late or in a hurry, describing people, things and objects, free time activities, present tense of the regular –ar verbs, the relative pronoun “que,” telling where people and things are, places in towns and their location, the verb estar, subject pronouns, and the verb "ir."

8th grade
The 8th grade Spanish curriculum builds on the Spanish learned in the previous years. Students learn the basics of the language of Spanish by the end of their 8th grade school year. Students learn how to discuss how often they do things, talking about what you like to do with friends, talking about what you do on a typical week, weekend and day, indirect objects, pronoun les, regular –er and –ir verbs, the verb ver, giving today’s date, talking about the weather, seasons, months, describing your family, possessive adjectives, describing people, discussing things families do together, the verbs of "hacer" and "salir," household chores, and the verb deber and poner.

In addition to these topics, we will be studying the Latino culture, traditions and history. We will learn about Spanish-speaking countries and be able to locate them on a map. The course provides students with the basic skills to speak Spanish.