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Fifth Grade with Mrs. Breen

BS in Child Development
Why I teach

I love the fabulous feeling of community created by the staff, school families and parish. I also love the look on a student's face when the "lightbulb" comes and they grasp a concept they have been working through.


Highlights of 5th Grade

In 5th grade we have 2nd grade buddies. We also learn the state capitals and locations. Students present a state report as well as an oral biography book report where they dress up as the person they learn about. As part of their leadership role, the 5th graders are part of safety patrol on campus. We do three types of writing, personal narrative, informational, and opinion; along with some fun writing around the different holidays.


Three fun facts

1) My Great-Great Grandfather, Solfest Tollefson, was paid to leave his home in Norway and come fight for the North in the Civil War.

2) I have enjoyed motorcycle rides with my dad on his Harley Davidson.

3) I bake Christmas cookies using recipes that have been enjoyed by my family and have been passed down over the generations.