Kindergarten Curriculum

Holy Spirit students in Kindergarten

  • Understand the Bible is a holy book 
  • Retell familiar Bible Stories, i.e. Noah’s Ark, the Good Samaritan, the Nativity Story 
  • Identify Church holidays and explain why they are special and important to us 
  • Recognize that God is our Father and is a loving creator 
  • Participate in family projects to gain awareness of how to be kind and treat others 
  • Write numbers in proper format 
  • Count and compare sets of numbers 
  • Identify shapes in 1D, 2D, and 3D form 
  • Add and subtract numbers between 1-10 
  • Identify different types of money 
  • Measure objects as shorter or taller, longer or shorter
  • Review identifying all letters and their specific letter sounds 
  • Read 95 sight words 
  • Blend sounds together for CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) words 
  • Break down words to spell phonemically 
  • Identify and read consonant blends 
  • Participate in reader's theatre to explore the genre of plays 
  • Write sentences starting with a capital letter, using a finger space between each word, and ending with punctuation 
  • Include three sentences as details about a topic 
  • Correctly write both first and last names 
  • Use correct grip on pencils and crayons 
  • List ways to be a good citizen 
  • Identify the different communities to which they belong, i.e. their country, neighborhood, church, and school 
  • Explain the role and purpose of community workers
  • Retell stories about the heroes of our country 
  • Discover basic note values: whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note
  • Identify the staff, treble clef and bass clef signs
  • Sing and play simple songs and put movement to song
  • Be encouraged to enjoy singing, expanding their range and confidence to sing in front of others
  • Perform in the Advent Program and Spring Sing musical program
  • Music class meets once per week for 30 minutes