Fifth Grade Curriculum

Holy Spirit students in Fifth
 Grade will be able to: 
  • Explain the different parts of the Mass 
  • Recite the Apostles’ Creed and deepen their relationship with God by participation in different types of prayer
  • Explain the Seven Sacraments 
  • Describe the importance of Catholic Beliefs in family life
  • Perform math operations to solve real-world problems 
  • Solve exponents and perform order of operations  
  • Use models and perform operations to solve decimal and fraction problems 
  • Calculate geometric shapes and graphically represent data 
  • Solve multi-step word problems and engage in critical thinking 
  • Respond and analyze literature by identifying theme and plot, and comparing characters and motives
  • Evaluate different perspectives in literature
  • Draw inferences, conclusions and generalizations about a text
  • Explain grade-level language, such as figurative and metaphorical language, within novels read in class
  • Include dialogue in personal narratives
  • Employ the descriptive writing technique of "showing not telling" 
  • Create informational essays that use clear supporting details 
  • Create an opinion essay with clear and strongly defended arguments and logic
  • Describe pre-Columbian settlements
  • Name, trace and describe routes of early explorers 
  • Explain relationships between Native Americans and new settlers
  • Explain the events leading up to the American Revolution, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution 
  • Explore the early settlement of California with the context of a field trip 
  • Describe settlement patterns of the American people in the 18th century
  • Locate the states and name their capitals
  • Review all the notes, rests and music symbols they learned in 4th grade
  • Learn to play recorders using everything they have learned 
  • Play music bingo and other music games to help them recognize the notes of the staff 
  • Learn about modern composers and discuss their impact on music as we know it today
  • Sing songs and will choreograph some of them 
  • Perform in the Advent Program and the Spring Sing
  • Music class meets once per week for 40 minutes.