First Grade Curriculum

Holy Spirit students in First
 Grade will: 

  • Understand that Baptism makes us children of God and welcomes us into the Christian family as followers of Jesus 
  • Demonstrate reverence for the Church building as a sacred place 
  • Pray daily 
  • Recite the following prayers by memory: the Sign of the Cross, the Hail Mary and the Lord’s Prayer 
  • Retell the bible stories of creation, the birth of Jesus and the Easter story 
  • Recognize that Jesus teaches us how to love God and to love our neighbor 
  • Understand that the Church is God’s family and it is our responsibility to help each other be holy 
  • Practice arithmetic skills to help  solve word problems 
  • Develop fluency in addition and  subtraction
  • Utilize skills to solve problems in a variety of ways 
  • Use manipulatives and other hands-on experiences to understand the relationships between numbers
  • Explore place value, telling time, patterns, and shapes 
  • Engage with adaptive software to enhance and differentiate student learning
  • Read fluently
  • Develop a lifelong love and enjoyment of reading through multiple teaching strategies including guided and independent reading 
  • Build phonemic awareness and recognize more complex words while reading
  • Focus more on comprehension, as their reading ability grows
  • Recall the main idea and details of an informational text as well as the characters, setting, problem and solution of fictional literature
  • Benefit from balanced literacy approach includes guided and independent reading, phonics, grammar, handwriting, speaking and listening 
  • Collaborate with peers and  teacher to brainstorm, draft, and publish their work 
  • Respond to fiction and non-fiction text in writing
  • Express their own personal feelings and experience
  • Develop an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens
  • Learn and appreciate our country's symbols and their significance 
  • Compare and contrast the  world long today with the historical past
  • Gain an understanding of basic  economics and the role of goods and services 
  • Read and use a map to locate and identify places and geographic features
  • Review the note values and symbols we learned in Kindergarten
  • Learn the first eleven notes on the Treble Clef, Middle C to high F 
  • Learn the phrases and word to learn and remember the notes on the staff
  • Sing and play simple songs and put movement to song
  • Be encouraged to enjoy singing, expanding their range and confidence to sing in front of others
  • Perform in the Advent Program and Spring Sing musical program
  • Music class meets once per week for 40 minutes