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Parent Ambassadors

The Parent Ambassador Program is an important component of Holy Spirit School's retention and recruitment efforts. Two Parent Ambassadors for each grade volunteer for a one year commitment to strengthen community through their events, activities and outreach.

Recruitment: Parent Ambassadors are available to speak to prospective families at Open House, Community Outreach Events or on an individual basis as needed. It is not unusual for Parent Ambassadors to invite other fabulous families to join our community on campus to get a sense of what makes Holy Spirit School such a wonderful place to raise a family.

Retention: Parent Ambassadors coordinate or host several events during the school year to gather families, parents, couples, moms or dads outside of the school atmosphere. These activities usually include a back-to-school activity, end-of-the-year party, holiday festivity, or any number of activities unique to the interests and availability of each grade. For example, Kindergarten Parent Ambassadors may host a family hike on Saturday morning, Seventh Grade Parent Ambassadors might coordinate a parents-only dinner out while the middle school students attend the school dances.

Parent Ambassadors also work closely with Room Parents when one of our families is in need. Meals have been coordinated for grieving families or those celebrating the birth of a new baby. Car pool and play date schedules have been arranged during medical recovery periods.