Holy Spirit School students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in our after-school sports program. Coached by amazing parent volunteers, student-athletes play both home and away games against teams from other Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Jose.
We proudly offer the following sports programs:
  • Fall: Girls' Volleyball, Boys' Flag Football (August-October)
  • Winter: Girls' & Boys' Basketball (November-February)
  • Spring: Girls' Flag Football, Boys' Volleyball and Girls' & Boys' Track (March-May)
Students who wish to participate must meet the minimum academic requirements for their grade and must not have earned a behavioral infraction. Our sports philosophy focuses on participation, and therefore there are no cuts for any team. 
Parents and students must sign the consent agreement form for the Athletic Handbook Rules and Responsibilities prior to signing up for your first sport of the year. Signed Consent/Agreement form and Emergency Health form must be turned into Athletic Director prior to participation. Athletic fees will be charged to your TADS account.